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New Website Launch

Epicenter has had a few websites over the years. I started off on HostGator's hosting site and was directed to use WordPress + Elementor. I had a fairly nice site designed, though admittedly it wasn't completely fleshed out. While I have a degree in Graphic Design, I didn't do much web design when I was at college. Those familiar with web design know that most are drag and drop and you can go deeper with some features with some added coding or special widgets. I have a story about coding but I will save it for the end.

Sometime in early 2022 the website got hacked, everything was deleted and nothing was able to be salvaged. I tried again to build it from scratch. For whatever reason elements of my website on WordPress weren't functioning correctly and with my lack of knowledge on the matter and my focus on proving Northern Michigan the coolest wraps possible it completely fell to the wayside. I had many customers, vendors and friends let me know that my website wasn't functioning properly. If anyone knows me, they would know that I like to do things completely and thoroughly. With some help, (Thank you David), we moved everything from HostGator & WordPress to Wix. With some stumbles initially worked through I found a rhythm and was able to get this 90% built. I still have some things I will add in the future but I feel this scratches the surface of Epicenter.

Take a look around and tell me what you think. I know that wraps, decals, signage and design are part of owning a business and I can't wait to start sharing tips, tricks, interesting info and impactful projects with you. It's almost daily I want to inform the world about some aspect of my business.

Now if you've made it this far you deserve that coding story! Back in High School there was an elective for computer programing. I always was in the advanced classes and I stuck with the same core of kids, they were all going to take the coding class - so I did too. (I wasn't the confident, surefooted person I am today). We started with Q-Basic, for those who know coding know that its where coding basically began. I STRUGGLED through that class like no other. I was an all A's type of student and at the middle of the semester after exams I had a D-. It was then I learned that coding wasn't for me. I switched out after mid semester into something a little more for me. It was a huge learning moment for me.

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