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What does wrap stick to & can you wrap over rust and failing clear coat?


Wrap sticks best to OEM paint on vehicles that are 5 years or newer. Wrap can be applied over older paint as long as it's in good condition. Wrap will not stick to rust or failing clear coat. 

Will it damage my paint or leave a bunch of glue?

No, wrap film is specifically designed for OEM automotive paint and it should not damage your paint as long as its in good condition (no failing clear coat or resprays) and it should leave minimal glue if at all.

How long does wrap last?

Wraps should last 3 to 5 years, if meticulous care is taken wraps can last up to 7 years. They should be removed before they start to crack and dry out.

Avery Dennison Gunmetal Grey Matte wrap with Custom Printed Full Wrap Golf Cart on Roof Mercedes AMG
Custom Printed Vinyl Wrap, Full Printed, Acuity Instruments Avery Dennison

You just heat it up and stretch it right?

Contrary to popular belief wrap film can't be stretched indefinitely and it can be overstretched. Film can be stretched 10% safely and up to 30% max (so 10" of film can be stretched to a max of 13") However its not advised. Over stretched film will begin to lift overtime.

Do you use water or a slip solution to apply?

No, the film is designed to be dry installed and pressure sensitive, it will stick once the squeegee is run over it.

Can you wrap over ceramic coat or wax treatments?

No, Ceramic and Waxes are repellants while wrap is an adhesive. These are opposites and will need to be professionally removed to ensure adhesion.

How do I take care of my wrap?

We strongly recommend hand washes with a mild soap for best results at least 2 times a month. Avoid power washing.

What sizes can be done and in what quantities?


We have a few different substrate widths that allow for a wide range of custom sizes- perfect for every project. It is best to do most decals in a 20/25 minimum.

Yes you may have as many colors as you'd like without added cost. Our decals are produced by a large format digital printer and you aren't charged by color quantity.

Can I have multiple colors?

What is Lamination?

Lamination is a clear UV layer added after the print process and before the kiss cut process, that prevents ink from fading. It is an optional add on. Without most decal will last 2-3 years

The peeled sticker for die cut & kiss cut is exactly the same. The only difference is that kiss cut stickers have a square backing to peel from. Die cut stickers are cut to the exact shape of the design. Kiss cut is more affordable.

Kiss Cut verse Die Cut - what's the difference?

Custom Printed Decals - Saturn

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Custom Signage on a building for Hoxies Garage

What sizes can be made?


Most of our rigid substrates come in 4'x8' sheets which allows for a huge spectrum of customizability.

Will the material rot?

No, We use a range of substrates, none of which rots. The vinyl will age out before the substrate will. A sign should last 7-10 years.

Can the signs be custom shapes?

Yes, some of the substates we use can be cut into whatever shape you desire.

It depends on the material, for our yard signs those are direct print. Ink on those will last about 2 years in the elements. If a longer lifespan is required we print on decal and a laminate and add that to the substrate faces. 

Do you print directly on the substrate?

Vector and Raster- What is the difference?


Raster Files are made up of pixels, and are seen as a solid object with minimal edibility. Because they are made of pixels there is a limitation on how big an item can be scaled. The most common file types are .JPEG & .PNG.

Vector files use mathematical equations to determine the distance from point to point. The computer sees each anchor point as a separate object and allows for limitless customizability and scalability. These file types include  .AI, .EPS and .PDF. Many times you need a design software to open.

I designed my logo on Canva- We should be good to go right?

No, Canva even though marketed as a cheap and effective way to make your logo it doesn't provide well built vector files, if at all. If you designed your logo on Canva it will likely need to be redrawn or recreated, not to mention it will likely look like many other companies that took the same route. Why start your enteprenueral journey off on the wrong foot?

One of the biggest mistakes we see with logo design is the inclusion of "LLC" at the end of every logo. There is no legal or regulatory requirement to put “LLC” in your logo. If you include LLC in your logo it can hurt you in the long run. It will give the impression your company is small and inexperienced. Additionally its a generic term, and the last word people read. They'll more likely remember how you file your taxes rather than what service you provide. If they don't remember you they won't call you. For a DEEP dive check out this article.

Do I have to Include "LLC" in my logo?

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