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Sometimes something is better than Nothing

Clearance Logos

Check out the logos we've made over the years that haven't found a home! A well designed logo should be custom tailored to your specific target audience & speak your core values to your customer at a glance. However sometimes you just need something to just get you going before you know the answers to the big questions that make up a brand. All of the logos on this page are up for grabs! These can be purchased and either run with(lowest cost) or modified slightly to get you started on your latest endeavor. Anything on this page starts at $50. You will get all the file types you need, including vector files, with an explanation of what is used where. The logo you purchased will be removed for exclusivity(An option Canva logos doesn't offer!) 

Decal Sticker Custom - Knob Daddy MWK DESIGN
Decal Sticker Custom - Gillison Variety Fabrication
Decal Sticker Custom - Clear Water Kayak

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Decal Sticker Custom - Traverse City West Golf
Decal Sticker Custom - Saturn
Decal Sticker Custom - Love Clean
Decal Sticker Custom - Excav8
Decal Sticker Custom - Boat Name Boat Lettering
Decal Sticker Custom - Brickyard Towing Brickyard Auto Detailing
Decal Sticker Custom -
Decal Sticker Custom - Climax Racing
Decal Sticker Custom - Busters Customs Busters Blinds Window Tint
Decal Sticker Custom - Elmwood Marina

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Check out our vehicle spot graphics or signage options.

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