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Unwrapping the ROI: How Well-Designed Wraps Pay for Itself

If you've ever got a part wrap or full wrap quoted for your vehicle or trailer you may feel that the price tag is a bit daunting. Sure- there are cheaper forms of advertising but the real question is do they make the same type of impact and dollar for dollar do they have the same amount of ROI(return on investment). A well designed wrap will pay for itself fairly quickly.

Gorilla holding a sign

Wraps are a form of guerilla marketing - they're always on the move, its typically bright, bold and you just can't miss it. Think of how many times you've been in traffic and you've seen a wrapped vehicle. You almost can't miss it, and if you're looking you're liking reading. If you need that service its almost like the universe is giving you a sign(if it is or isn't that's for you to decide). Now think of all the places you drive to in a week, now imagine your vehicle is wrapped. Just how many sets of eyes are landing on your vehicle in just that week. That is a lot of potential!

Our friends at Falcon Roofing know how powerful wraps can be. Seth has been with Epicenter since the begining. He always lets me spice things up for him. Some of my most fun and wild pairings have been for Falcon. One of Seth's projects no sooner left the shop a mere few miles away and someone noticed his brand new advert. The customer called him and Seth sealed the deal on the job. In just that one phone call the investment had paid for itself. That's practically instant ROI!

Another great success comes from Reveal Softwash. Jerry wanted something that was professional, unlike other wraps in Traverse and truly felt the best investment for his company was a wrap. He fully trusted Epicenter to provide him a full wrap that would make a huge SPLASH! (you really come here for the jokes ikik). Jerry picked up on a Thursday evening. He shot us a message Monday and said in just that day he'd had enough jobs come in from simply driving around that paid for the wrap investment!

Reveal Softwash Full Wrap

It truly isn't uncommon for a wrap to pay for itself quickly. A good wrap paired with strong branding can truly make waves in your local area.

Interested to seeing some awsome examples of companies who embraced full wraps? Check out our Full wraps page! If you're ready to make the leap to get a full or part wrap check out this article that talks about services on your vehicle. I can't wait to help you write your own success story.

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